Faking Awake

Origins Brightening Musts
I recently bought this set from Origins as my skin could really do with a brightening up effect sometimes or in otherwords i need to look awake. I'm either up early for work or working late a night followed by some 'sleep' to get up again shortly, i hoped this would do the trick.

I've heard lots of reviews about this so i was interested to give it a try, it costs £26 alone, but i picked up the brightening musts set for £26 which includes the full size VitaZing and 2 other products. VitaZing is a moisturizer that claims to give a 'energy-boosting' and a sheer tint release, i was a little unsure about the tinted part of this product as my skin is a little on the pale side. I was wrong, i've heard people say they looked a little orange by using this, however for me it wasn't noticeable as a tint at all but indeed it does give a loverly glow on the skin.

This is a refreshing eye cream that aims to brighten and depuff. The little sample pot has a pinkish tinted cream much similar to the VitaZing, it does make the eye area feel refreshed and awake but i still do need to add concealer to cover any darker areas.

Modern Friction
lastly in the set is a gentle dermabrasion sample size, a creamy exfoliator, i have only used this a couple of times and it isn't something i'd use everyday but is nice to freshen up the face.

I've not being using these products for too long, plus on the Origins website you get 3 free samples when you order something so i have lots of products to try out.

Claire x

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  1. Tanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment :)
    Love the photos, I've always wanted to try Origins but can never afford them when it comes to it, maybe they should go on a Christmas wish list :)
    Daniella x


  2. @daniella-r Thankyou! yes i know what you mean i got this as a set but anything else will be on the wish list as its pretty pricey x