How I cuteyfied my Iphone

I thought i'd share this neat little app i found when browsing Instagram, it allows you to alter the icons on your iphone and theres tons of cute options from icons and wallpapers! 
Just search the hashtag cocoppa on Instagram and you will find many cute iphone set ups.

This app called CocoPPa is free to download in the app store now.
I found it a little confusing at first to figure out, but basically these icons do no replace the ones you have but they are simply just create shortcuts. Its all about looking pretty on the first page then hiding all the original app icons in a folder somewhere..!

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  1. This looks so cute! Definitely going to download it, I love the phone short cut x

  2. @Josie
    It is isnt it? its a free app so worth playing about with x

  3. Super cute, thanks for sharing... Lovely blog too. ^__^

  4. Ah this is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing it, i'm gonna do it now!

    Your blog is so cute, am now following ♥

    Mine is