Travel Diaries - Part 1

I thought i'd share some of my travelling experiences with you, 3 years ago i finally decided to follow what i really wanted to do and go travelling across the USA, I didn't have anyone who would have done it with me at the time, i know people who would have loved to but i just wanted to commit to making of my dreams happen, i decided to take the plunge. Alone.

Truth is i never really felt alone, I joined a tour group with a company called Trek America who where absolutely amazing, i never really knew who i would be joining in my group but its aimed at 18 - 32 like minded individuals. The first tour i choose was a western usa adventure which started in LA went around to vegas, grand canyon, Yosemite national park and finished in San Francisco.

The part i feared most about doing this was getting there safe and finding my hotel in LA on my own. I'd say i'm a pretty organised person, i have good common sense. When i got to the airport in the UK queuing to check in, i met a girl who was also travelling along as it turned out she was in the same boat as me also doing a Trek America trip, fantastic! Although she was on a different tour we happened to be both staying in the same hotel in LA so when i made it to LAX airport i had someone to find the hotel with. I must admit, it wasn't as simple as i thought and i'm glad there was 2 of us. When i arrived to my hotel room, i instantly didnt like it, my room wasn't the best it was so high up and overlooked what i can describe as LA's not so nice district, furthermore my mobile wasn't working properly, it was really uncomfortable to not even be able to get online and say i'm ok, i slept that night thinking what have i done i'm completely on the other side of the world to anyone!. I found a pc in the hotels lobby and managed to get things sorted. I had a day spare before my tour started so i agreed to meet the girl i met and some other people who she had met going on her tour and to spend a day sight seeing in LA.

We started the day with a true american style breakfast at iHop. I had french toast, it defeated me. Then we decided to head to Santa Monica and the beach. LA is so so big, and has one of the worst transport links throughout the city i have experienced. It was a case of changing a few buses to get where we wanted to go. It was worth it in the end, we spent the day walking down the famous pier then down the beach towards venice. Unfortunately  i never spoke to any of the girls after this day we never could get back in contact.

The following day was when the trek started, I met in the hotel lobby to meet my group and the group leader for the first time. There was about 14 of us in total, everyone was really nice and i can't say i didnt get along with anyone. We spent the morning driving around LA, the famous beverly hills and getting our first team photo with the hollywood sign. That day we drove a few hours across California to 'Lake Havasu' where we would spend the night. I can't say there was much there, Theres the original London bridge being rebuilt there, it was just a stop over on our journey to the Grand Canyon..  Part 2 to follow!

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  1. Wow, I wish I could have the guts to go travelling on my own. I bet it was an amazing experience though x

  2. @cutesandfruits
    It was, it was deffo worth it. Infact i did it again on my own, but a blog post to follow on that too :)

  3. Loved this post! I spent the summer in San Diego but my favourite place in California had to be Santa Monica! I loved third street promenade!! And we made a trip to Vegas, that was amazing!!