Lush Favourties - Shower Minis

As i have a bit of a Lush collection going on at the moment, i thought i'd pick of some of the shower gels that i've been getting along with.

My favourite used to be Snow Fairy, but now its Ponche! This isn't something i'd say i would have purchased at Lush but it was half price in the sale so i thought 'why not!' Now i can't wait until christmas again so i can just buy a huge bottle of this stuff! Its bright orange, umm little unsure on that still and smells of limes and tequila! The thing i like about this most is it comes out in more of a creamy consistency than gel so really nice to lather up on the skin.

Ok so Snow Fairy, my second favourite but my favourite overall Lush scent. It has to be one of their bestsellers from christmas and if you love a sweety bubblegum smell then you will love this, along with a splash of glitter.  Team this up with the 'comforter' or 'creamy candy' bubble bars to make the ultimate sweet bath.

Honey is one of my favourite things in beauty products so its no surpise i love Its raining men shower gel, if you've ever used honey i washed the kids soap then you will love this gel, again this is more of a creamy gel which i prefer and leaves your skin smelling great. Mix this up with a honey bee bath bomb for a perfect combo.

Finally Happy Hippy shower gel i've allocated as my morning wake up shower gel as its fresh smelling of breakfast grapefruit

Which is your favorite from Lush? Any suggestions for me?

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  1. The snow fairy and ponche both sound incredible! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. Ponche is my absolutely favorite! It's so yummy smelling and I always feel squeaky clean after I use this.

  3. I haven´t tried any shower gels yet, but I love the shampoo Big :D