Super Spot Fighters

Normally my face stays pretty balanced and i'm lucky not to have ever suffered with acne, although like you might agree yourself the odd spot/s like to breakout now and again maybe from new products, diet or stress it happens. I tend to get the odd spots that are pretty painful under the skin, then after the spot has gone the scar doesnt fade for ages. I often turn to these two products, now they don't work miracles but they do help assist with getting rid of the problem.

The two products i have are the Burts Bees blemish stick and the Origins super spot remover.
The favourtie out of the two, and the one i would repurchase is the Origins super spot remover, overall this seems like it has a much stronger product than the Burts Bees and for that reason it makes a more noticeable difference on blemishes. Its a well loved favourite by a few bloggers so unless you don't know its main ingredient is salicylic acid which helps reduce the spot and helps clear up any scarring afterwards. I cannot say it will remove the spot but after applying this at bedtime i did notice a difference by morning. This product really dries the skin out so i'd be carefull about applying it, i just add a thing layer on the spot.

The Burts Bees Blemish stick is a herbal remedy of tea tree and other natural ingredients. This is slightly cheaper than the origins spot remover, it works well at been a bit of an antiseptic to the spot, and seems to help bring them to a head quicker. It smells very nice, although it sometimes does sting a little when applying. The main drawback to this and i think its something that could be easy improved from Burts Bees is the application. Its design is a rollerball and overall this just doesn't feel hygienic after rolling over the area then going back into the product.. 

What products do you tend to reach for that help? 

I'm thinking of doing a giveaway when i reach 50 followers, what do you think? I've got a nice little item in mind too from one of my favourite company at the minute.

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  1. I love the origins super spot remover, I've repurchased it before! x