Midnight Massage

Heres just a review of my new favourite Lush seasonal product

Midnight massage is buy no surprise in the name a massage bar, these are my favorite products at Lush (see my Lush top five products here) there just so great as an indulgent way of moistorising, my skin really loves the oils the bars make. Midnight massage is a really evening jasmine scent that left lingering on my skin until the next morning. This is made of coco butter, shea butter, jasmine and vanilla.

I found this bar to be extremely meltable soon as your hands get hold of it the buttery oils come oozing everywhere.. this is no clean and tidy product. Its best kept somewhere cool out of the way, (one of the Lush tins would work well) or just keep it in the bag it came with, although it can become a little messy, more meltable than other massage bars. Just rub all over you skin then massage in with your hands.
Salvador Dali ?

A little tip for a really indulgent bath is to cut a small piece of this off and put under running water, it disperses into the water then clings all over you skin which you can rub in when you get out.

The only downside is this bar is £6.50 which is on the higher price end scale of the massage bar range. ah well christmas is just once a year..

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  1. Sounds like a good product, and a great review. I love the design of your blog, its very cute :D