Winter Morning Skin Care Routine

As its turned much colder my skins been needing the extra nourishment  i've changed a few products to my usual routine - I generally try and keep it consistent as my skin will certainly tell me its fed up of swaping and changing to new products, Latley i changed a few of these items and my skins just been in terrible condition with breakouts so i've quickly reverted back to what i'm used to.
I start my morning by cleansing my face with Origins Make a Difference Cleansing Milk this is a really gentle cleanser to wash my face with its also great at breaking down any makeup too. Next i follow cleansing with Caudalie Cleansing Water, again gentle on the skin i apply to a cotton pad and give a final cleanse after finishing i spray Caudalie's Grape Water all over my face then let it absorb, this is pretty smilar to Caudalies beauty exiler but with a much lighter scent and is more moisturizing.

Next i apply Origins Vitazing, i've mentioned this on a few posts already not only do i like it as a moisturizer but that fact its aimed at waking up a morning face by adding a 'skin tint' which leaves a loverly healthy glow. I follow this with Orgins Ginzing which works fantastic paired with vitazing, i'm not usually one for eye creams as i always saw them as for older people but ginzing is great for depuffing tired eyes. Finally i apply DrJart BB cream in regenerating, this is the newest addition to my routine, i've always wanted to give DrJart ago and i choose the regenerating one as it aims to blur out any imperfections  hi i have lots of those. Lastley my lips have not been good, i think its because of going in the cold the inside in the warmth too often, so i've been using L'Occitane lip balm.

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