REN - Skincare for Normal Skin

I've always wanted to give REN skincare ago, but i was put off by the higher price tag and been worried if i'd actually get on with it. One product i really wanted to try was the Radiance Renewal Mask.
So a very nice boyfriend took some hints and bought me this little kit a while back, Its a great price and includes 4 mini samples for you to try. (They do different kits of other skin types too). Now i've been using the kit as a whole over the last few weeks so i can really get a feel of products.
The two winners of this kit includes the renewal mask (smells of oranges..ahh yummy) and the Frankincense night cream, both amazing and i would consider buying the full size in future.
The one that let me down is the Rosa cleansing gel. Maybe its me but i'm not a fan of rosey smells for my face and i don't think my skin like them either (I had to stop using the Welda rose night cream as it didnt agree). But i've used cleansing 'gels' before and the REN one is just well very watery and not gel like at all so it really doesn't feel like its doing a whole lot of anything.
The last product is the Vita-Mineral day cream, for me this is just OK, i get along with it fine but i dont think its rich enough for my skin. I don't suffer from dry skin at all but even this just sinks straight in and feels like i need a bit more.

If your wanting to give REN ago without splurging too much these kits are perfect. I found a few favourites myself. Plus ordering online i got a few samples too. (finding even more favourites!)

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