May Favourites

I've not posted one of these in a while, with moving and not having spare money to splurge on beauty products it seems i've been making use of what i already have. These products this month make me feel fresh for for summer, so let me share;

I picked up this new Elemis Flash Balm sample in Red magazine. (purley bought the magazine for the sample..! £2 in Tesco). As my Clarins beauty flash balm is on its way out, i'm hoping this is going to prove an alternative for my primer. This can be used as a moisturiser  primer or a radiance boost. It has a bit of a odd smell i can't yet work out, but leaves a shimmery finnish on the face.
Now this is something, the Weleda Skin Food. I received in a Birchbox this is the thickest and most nourishing cream i have had hold of, I first used this on my face when it needed a little pick me up, but i have discovered the best place i've used this is on my tired feet (Yuk i know) But i have smothered my feet in this stuff before putting on some comfy slipper socks. It works!

I bought a couple of new items this month, I went out in search of Bio-Derma Micellar water - i had heard this was now in Boots in the UK but the Boots near me just isn't good enough for it so i ended up buying this L'Oreal version. Having never tried a micellar water before i can't compare however i do really like this product and my make up comes off in a sweep. Great for lazy people like me who finishing work at midnight find it a real chore to take off make up. At the same time i bought a travel size sample of Avene Eau Thermal Water, which is great for keeping in my handbag for a refreshing spritz when tired, hot or need a refreshment. Its also good for problem/sensitive skin too.

Lastly I've gone back to a completely old staple. My Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser  I've been using this product for around 10 years now (Oh dear that makes me feel a bit old but i was around 15/16 at the time). Its expensive, but its something i go back to time after time as my skin loves it. Its super hyderating and leaves a fresh feeling (kind of smells like cucumbers)


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