Sheffield Victoria Secret Opening

On Tuesday the new VS finally opened at Meadowhall near Sheffield. I've been waiting ages to get my hands on some fragrances and PINK goodies! So heres what i picked up;

 Two of the opening gifts including spending £60 and over to receive a tote. which i got and its sparkling and pink! And another gift was this sweet dog, i wanted so much! You got this free with a purchase from PINK. (I managed to get two as the security alarms went off on me as something was still tagged, the nice security man threw in another dog!)

   I purchased this hoodie from PINK, its so soft and cuddley! There were lots of things in the PINK section i wanted, although a little expensive.. I will be back! I also picked up some scents, i got 3 for £24 which i got 2 mango temptation and a coconut passion which smells of vanilla, they had some loverly gift sets too.

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