How to Travel Across the World on Your Own

I started my real travel addiction when i took myself to the otherside of the world on my, at first i did find myself in LA and think, what the heck have i done!? But soon after it was one of the best ways to boost your confidence. I started solo travelling by joining tour groups which i've found are the best way to meet people when your new to this! I'm no means an expert, but i've done this so many times now i feel like i can share my knowledge and hopefully it will help you plan your adventure.

1. Plan, Research & Book it!

Figure out where you want to go in the world and there will be a tour group company to take you there. Most of them are aimed at solo travellers so won't charge you any extra to travel alone, a lot of them are also aimed at your age group so you will be with like minded people for example 18-35's.
I've travelled many times with TrekAmerica who run tours across North America, Canada and South America. Also look into G adventures who run tours across Asia, Oceania.

2. Find your Flights & Accommodation

I will do a post on finding cheap flights I'm pretty good at that! But keep your eye on flight prices they fluctuate so much so it might be worth waiting it out before snapping up your seat. Use comparison websites such as Kayak, Sky Scanner and Hopper.

Accommodation, if you've booked a tour this will be taken care of during the trip but you may need to find pre and post tour accommodation, id recommend the night before you stay in the hotel the tour departs from, they often leave early so saves any stress on the morning trying to find it also a lot of your tour buddies will be here aswell and you may meet before the tour. Quite often many tours with the same company may leave from the same hotel so there will always been like minded people to chat to. Here's a tip they offer accommodation the night before and after with the tour company and often you can choose a twin room in which you will be paired with someone of the same sex who will also be going or coming back from a tour. If you fancy your own room rather than doing this don't feel obliged to purchase through the tour group. Again use comparison websites to find a cheaper price and cut out the commission made through the tour group. This has always worked well for me and I've got my own room cheaper than sharing.

3. Staying before or after the tour

Most tours depart from major cities such as L.A or New York but don't actually take you there, it's just where you meet and leave from. Id always recommend booking some night before and perhaps after time, you may want to even carry on travelling. If your unsure of exploring cities on your own I'd recommend you book into a hostel. This way you may share a dorm with others and make friends to go and explore, if you don't want to do this many hostels offer private rooms. This way you can still take advantage of what the hostel has to offer, many provide daily activities which are often free such as walking tours and bar crawls. I've stayed in some really nice hostels and some well not so much! But if you do your research and read up on them you should find some really good places a lot of them may even offer free breakfast. Check out HI International 

4. The Airport

Quite often than not when travelling alone I've always found someone to talk to right from the check in! If your alone then similar people will often chat to you, you may notice someone who looks similar to you, alone and armed with a backpack. Yes they will perhaps be doing a tour too! I've found people on my tour and other times on a similar tour. This is great then you have a friend to find your accommodation with or spend some days exploring the location when you land. This has helped me find negotiating Los Angeles a lot easier!!
Now the airport on the other side. Landing in somewhere like lax can be pretty scary alone! Do your research and plan ahead how your going to find your accommodation. My advise when travelling alone is to always be clued up and plan so you don't look like such an easy target wondering around lost. You can be lost but just act like your in the know! Many airport hotels will have free shuttle services outside the airport just tip them for helping you with your bags. Other than that the cheapest way of getting into the city is to use public transport so research your route in advance. I often print out maps or have a app downloaded on my phone.  For example Newark airport NYC will be cost of a train ticket straight into penn station for less than $10. Or Miami airport to south beach cost me less than $5 using the bus. Much cheaper than a taxi.  There is also coach services such as super shuttle that do hotel drops so plan and book in advance.

I hope that helps and perhaps gives you a bit of confidence to take the plunge! I started my first solo trip in my first year at university when i was about 21 but i wish i could have started sooner!

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