Baby Disco Pink NOTD

I created these pretty pretty nails!

The pictures don't really reflect just how nice these came out. After the getting rid of my 'rock star' nails (see instagram post before this) i was a bit sad to get rid of my sparkly nails that had received so many complements, i decided to try it out for myself without using gel, and hurrah it actually worked!

Heres how i did it

Firstly i used a base coat of polish, for this i choose OPI in Royal Flush Blush, really nice shimmery pink. I applied the first coat, and then the second coat i got my glitter ready. For this i used edible glitter that i use on cakes.. what the heck it worked and im sure my nails taste yummy. But im sure non food glitters works too! the glitter i used called 'baby disco pink' really very shimmery glitter compared to other pinks. I did a nail at a time, applying the second coat of polish then letting it dry SLIGHTLY the trick is not to apply the glitter on wet nails. I painted the glitter on using a brush, this is rather messy! continue one nail at a time. Finally i applied several coats of a top coat, for this i choose a 17 glitter top coat as for the first time trying this i didn't want to ruin a clear top coat. I guess you could do this but clean the brush before dipping it back in the polish.

and hurrah sparkling disco nails!
Im sure i will be experimenting with this more, as i have lots of glitter colours to choose from!
let me know what you think

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