Lioele & BB Cream

About a month ago i ordered a few things from i finally found a website that i could purchase Lioele products from, although from the USA it did only just reach my doorstop this week; prices still reasonable and the USD is pretty friendly to the GBP anyway! I've really being wanting to try a BB cream from Asia and i've heard positive things about a few of the BBs from Lioele; after adding it to my basket most of Lioele products have this adorable pink packaging some of the makeup looks really nice. I picked out a BB and Cleanser duo pack, a blueberry handcream, a shimmer base and a few cute hair bows to use to to keep my hair out of my face while applying products.

Lioele BB Cream - I was very excited to try a real BB cream; i have the Garnier BB cream but i feel its rather similar to a tinted moisturizer. When the Lioele BB came out i was initially a little unimpressed as it was very dark in colour compared to my skin tone; however after giving it a try the colour does blend into you skin leaving a clear complexion. After using this several times i have not felt the need for any foundation and is a nice lighter option for medium coverage and even skin tone.

Skin 79 BB Cream - i was tempted to try this out as i've heard so many positive reviews on it. Pretty & give you an option from a few items to receive as a free sample, i'm looking forward to giving this ago.

Carry Me Hand Cream in blueberry - i'm getting quite a collection of hand creams! this is loverly berry scented thick to apply but does absorb quickly into your hands, its a nice cream to have handy in your bag for day use. OneShot BB Cleanser - not yet given this ago, but applied with your fingers then foams up once water is added.

Lioele Shimmering Pearl Base - 
I have quite a few shimmery pearl type bases; this was very nice with a pinky tone. I havn't yet used to as a base as i feel it will be a little too 'radiant' but it makes a fantastic highlighter. 

Claire x

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