Those Bees Do Good!

My first real blog post! I finally have time to do whatever i like, university is over and i had great pleasure in disposing of lots of irrelevant lecture notes this morning! Now i just have my graduation ball next week (Might do a blog for that one!) and my graduation ceremony in July. Thats 4 years tied up.

I have always known about Burts Bees but never actually bought anything, one late night shopping in Debemans when all the concession girls had gone home (I prefer to just browse and make my own mind up about beauty products without being hassled unless i need help) I came across lots of burts products and ended up sampling everything and smelling a bit of a mixture! I ended up buying two hand products for myself and my mum.

Banana & Beeswax Hand Cream.
This smells so amazing, i was sold on the smell alone, its thick and creamy and i find i need to apply a fair bit for it to go a long way however its very nourishing and works well to apply at night to allow the good beeness to soak in. I have fairly normal hands, they don't tend to dry out so much so this is just nice for them to feel soft.

Hand Repair Cream
Compared to the banana smoothie goodness this cream is more for hands that need a little more care, its extremely nourishing; my mum has very dry hands and this has improved them alot. The smell is a im not sure how to describe it but its a little strange and it take some time to get used to; i guess thats just the smell of beeswax.

After falling in love with my banana bees i deiced to try out some more products and got a burts 'grab bag' on their website for £20

I have not yet tried out everything and i donated a couple of the things i got, I got a few full size products including the honey & orange wax lotion which has become my favorite body moisturizer at the moment which even my skin the next day feels loverly and soft.

The grab bags are now sold out on i think they where great value to say i got two full size products that are already worth £10 each. Its a nice way of giving it a try out hopefully if they do them again i can stock up more samples.
Thanks for reading!

Claire x

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  1. I'm a huge fan of burt's bees cosmetics! I love the banana cream! xx

  2. They look really good! especially the banana hand cream, i love bananas!

  3. Your blog is so pretty xo I just made my blog very recently aswell :) Definitely a new follower, check mine out if you have the time. Genevieve x

  4. Thankyou! so nice to get interest and comments x

  5. I wish I'd managed to snag one of those grab bags, I was planning on it but I was waiting for pay day! Sad face :( definitely amazing value even with donating a few things to other people. x