I'm sure most of you will have heard the hype around Lush's new launch 'Emotional Brilliance', basically their new make up range released tomorrow 21st July in UK.
This evening at my local Lush store i attended a little pre launch party and got to discover my colours and words.

I was told to clear my mind, close my eyes and relax as the member of staff spun the colourful wheel. When i opened my eyes i was asked to choose 3 colours that stood out to me without thinking about it too much.(a fun dry ice effect was added too!)
 The colours i choose where confident, glamorous and sophisticated, each the assistant explained the meanings in relation to how i feel. interestingly it was fairly accurate and i was given samples of each colour to try out, some being eye creams and lip creams. eye liners are also available.

The colours i choose where pretty nice and wearable although there are lots of out there bold colours in the range, which Lush encourage you to try something different as when you wear that colour you will feel whatever the meaning is. 
I decided to try out and purchase the 'eyes right' mascara priced at £12, completely how you would expect a Lush product to be full of vitamins natural ingredients and claims to have less preservatives than a high street brand. 

All colours including lip sticks, eye liners and eye creams are priced at £14 which honestly i think is more than i would have expected for Lush, the range also includes the mascara, emotional brilliance powder, charisma and feeling younger skin tint at £12

I'm wearing the 'passionate' lip stick, eyes out mascara, sophisticated eye cream and feeling younger highlighting skin tint.

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