My LUSH top 5

Lush is just a bad naughty habit.. i only recently got into it beginning in the christmas sale this year and i was sold! since then i can't help constantly going in the shop and trying out everything! (least my boyfriend and friends find it easy to choose presents for me); heres a few of my favorites!
Massage Bars
I first got one of these as a gift, and i'm in love. My Favorite (honestly i havn't given them all a go yet!) is 'HOTTIE'. These are fantastic but very messy things! i use mine just as a moisturizer and the bar literally melts in your hands into a loverly soothing oil; the hottie is made up of coco and shea butters when rubbed all over the skin leaves an oily coating that absorbs into the skin. This is great to use on  an evening before bed. The bumpy side of this bar also makes it great to rub into any aches and pains. I have to say my favorite part of this is the smell, sooo good.
A little tip; i cut of a small piece of massage bar and used it in the bath; this is extremely nice as when you get out your skin is coated in the oils. (the downside is your will have a slippy bath to clean after!)

Body Butters -
I present BUFFY! made up of shea and coco butter combined with almond, ground rice and aduki beans (?) makes a mean little exfoliator. Again this melts quickly, but when in contact with water and rubbed all over your body, (i'd recommend the tins they sell just to salvage as much product you can!). It may seem a little harsh on the skin but really exfoliates well and leaves a film of butter behind. again this is great on an evening as it needs time to soak into the skin after your shower/bath.

Bubble Bars -
I'm not really a great fan of the bath bombs, i just have not discovered the benefits other than a little firework display of fizzing and colours and then its over. However i love bubble bars. In particular as pictured the 'comforter' which smells sweet of berries. The whole bar lasts me around five baths by just crumbling pieces under running hot waters. It also leaves the water smelling lush and pink. winner!

Shower Smoothies -
Ro's Argan body conditioner, this is literally conditioner for your skin as opposed to hair! after i've showered i a smother myself in the conditioner then rinse off and pat dry. This has a loverly lingering smell plus you don't need to moisturize after your shower.

Fresh Face Masks - 
My last favorite was hard to choose between the masks or ocean salt scrub, i choose the fresh face mask as i've seen benefits straight away after using it. The one i've chosen is 'brazed honey' the ingredients are packed with the main ones being lime, honey and fennel (yes fennel..weird). 
The only thing i don't like about these is they have a short lifespan, by storing them in your fridge they only last a month which i find difficult to actually use the whole tub up in that period, but i do understand i'd rather pay for something i know is fresh.


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  1. This is a great post, and I love that you used extra large pictures so we could see the products close up :) This was great for me too as I'm just researching into what my first LUSH product will be, and I think I'll have to get that massage bar!


  2. totally agree... massage bars and bubble bars are my ultimate lush favs! :)