Lush Boxing Day Sale

Although i got a few lushie presents for christmas i really couldn't resist popping down to my local on boxing day to indulge in the sale.  The store was packed, on sale was all of the christmas gift sets, products and anything made before october 2012 all at 50% off.

I decided to pick up 2 of the larger gift sets, i like the idea of these because i can get things i wouldn't usually purchase and so i can try out new things. Then i picked up a few christmas eve bubble bars, cinders, ponche shower gel, and the king of skin body butter. I also got a few sample of porridge soap too.

I've got alot of stuff to work through here, i should proberly gift some of it but i'm a little selfish.
So far i've already fallen in love with 'Dream Cream' and the Popcorn lip scrub. Yummy.

Did you manage to get anything in the Lush Sale?

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