New Year, Fresh Face

Happy New Year!

Hello 2013, waking up this morning i decided to give my skin a treat by giving it a new year refresh.

I started off my cleansing my face with REN Micro Polish Cleanser, as part of REN radiances skin care line with is a exfoliating cream that left my skin leaving really soft. This is a sample size i used i'd its something i'd be interesting in trying again. Next i applied REN glycolatic radiance renewal mask, this is a gel mask that smelt of oranges, yummy. I also tried out Lush's popcorn lip scrub, this is like an exfloliater to leave you lips soft, it also tastes pretty good too!
I had a spritz of Caudalies beauty elixir for an instant refresh followed my smoothing on Clarins beauty flash balm. 

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  1. Is the popcorn scrub any good? I've never had the best luck with lip exfoliators but I've never ventured to Lush!

    jayj x.