My Top 3 BB's

When my skin is in good condition, i'd rather just get away with just wearing a BB cream rather than going for foundation. There isn't really any point in wearing a full coverage when you skin doesn't really need it. 
I've tried alot of BB's and alot of BB's have really been rubbish, so coincidentally my top three BB's i use on a regular basis are the ones based from Asia. Hmm.

My favourite three are Skin 79's Super BB in Pink, Lioele's Beyond the Solution and Dr Jart+'s Regenerating. All of these are quite different from each other and i tend to use each one depending how i'm feeling and i what i need to get out of them that day.

Firstly is the Skin 79 in hot pink, this is the first Asian type BB i purchase and it was completly different to those i've tried from the UK. The most noticeable difference to this is the cream comes out in a kind of greyish type, at first i was worried but this cream blends so easily into my skin tone, i'm pretty fair skinned so this works well, it also has 'whitening' which helps brighten the skin tone. I used this alot when i was on holiday because it has 25 spf in it and just felt really light and fresh on my face, perfect for when you don't want to wear a heavy base of makeup. As in the picture i've used most of this product as the label has started to wear off.

 Lioele Beyond the Solution - I'd always wanted to try Lioele and its pretty hard to come buy in the UK therefore i had to get it imported from the USA - really good website for that here. This BB is much darker than any others i tried, again scary at first but as with all good BB's it blends to evenly match your skintone this is much better for creating a bit more coverage although it doesnt have any spf properties.

DrJart BB in regenerating is my newest BB to this line up, i got this because of its properties of being able to mask and blur out imperfections i already reviewed this BB in my winter skincare routine, this doesnt provide full coverage but it is good at leaving the skin feeling dewy and glowing, i find this best to use when my face feels a little dull or has a few blemishes. DrJart can also be purchase at Boots so that makes it super handy where as the others have to be bought online.

Whats your favourite BB?

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  1. now m going to buy Super BB cream...thnx nice review lov it.....

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  2. I'm not a massive bb cream fan, but that Dr Jart one sounds great