Neom - Scent with Love

I received this absolutely beautiful Neom gift set for christmas from the boyfriend. (after dropping a subtle hint with the link to the Neom website) But he completely picked this out by himself, along with a candle.
After owning a Neom candles and been ever so picky when to preciously burn it, i've always wanted to try more from Neom, lots of umm and ahhing at the products on the website. I love the way Neom promote themselves and the fact it was created in Harrogate just up the road from me makes it even better.

Scent with love box set includes a tranquillity organic bath oil, Sensuous organic body wash, sensuous organic body lotion and the complete bliss hand cream.
The set is displayed in loverly golden box set with the products displayed, so perfect. 
Starting with my winner of the set the Tranquility bath oil. Now if you have tried the tranquility candle this is just like that scent, it advised me just to add one capful into a full bath.. now i was a little ooh i want more than that small amount and added a bit more, mistake it didn't need it and my whole bathroom smelt absoulty amazing which then lingered on my skin afterwards making me feel all relaxed for bedtime.
To accompany the body wash and body lotion which has a more of a spicy smell, including frankincense and ylang ylang, aimed to reliving tension and anxiety. 
Finally theres the moroccan blush rose hand cream, this one is staying in my hand bag, complete winter essential.

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  1. I treated myself to this box. I'm a huge fan of complete bliss hand cream x

  2. I've not heard of these but the packaging looks so lovely. I've also nominated you for the Leibster Award, you can find out the details on my blog: :) x

  3. It all sounds so luxurious, I love the packaging too xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. @Beauty Balm Yes i love the hand cream too, deffo staying my hand bag for all times!