Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I've owned this foundation for around 2 weeks now wearing it almost everyday, it was certainly worth reviewing my thoughts on.
Since i first started wearing makeup and choosing my first ever foundation many many years ago. It was a high end one influenced by my mum i went to the Estee Lauder counter and i came home with the Double Wear foundation which i bought over and over again since. I don't want to some snobby but i've never tried a high street foundation until now i've just always had in my head they would never compare. I've been mostly using BB creams as make up recently and only wearing foundation when i could really do with more coverage.
So after selling out to Emma Stone on the Revlon advert i decided to purchase the Nearly Naked foundation in Shell as this seemed the lightest shade to match my pale skin. I figured it wasn't expensive so i wouldn't be too disappointed if it was't amazing.
But it was! It provides a medium to light coverage that really does leave your skin looking more natural but with a luminous finish.

So the negative i know a few reviews have mentioned this too but it really is a annoying part for me is the fact there is no pump (kinda similar to Estee Lauder double wear then!). I can get over it but it does make application messy, i have already dropped this on my carpet with the contents going all over.. and i do think i'm using more product than i actually need to by having to pour it out. Other than that i'm really in love with this foundation at the minute!

P.S I have a giveaway coming up in my next post to follow! 

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  1. Agree it's messy to use but for the price it's an unbelievable foundation!

  2. It does sound lovely but the lack of pump worries me a little bit xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog