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Hi I'm clairemae!

I created this blog with the intention of sharing my adventures with you, ive been lucky enough to travel across the world since i was a child to present day, my travel addiction really started when i begin to explore the world on my own. Now i often take my boyfriend with me whos really got the travel bug aswell, we are lucky enough to find great travel deals and manage to get away serval times a year. I also buy too many beauty products and eat one of two many cupcakes. I'm not a professional in any way, but this is something i enjoy doing around my everyday work. I like to keep my reviews personal and honest, i often just type how i would speak to you.
As for me? I'm 27 and i've worked over 10 years in the hospitality industry. I'm a manager at a luxury country house hotel. I've seen my fair share of weddings and the dresses. I worked at over 100's of weddings! I enjoy photography, and would take a picture of my dinner before eating it, you know the type.

I'm open to be contacted for any enquiries please either tweet me:  @clairemae.
I'd love to review any venues, restaurants, beauty products. You can check out my photography on face book here.
Alternatively drop me an email to clairemae@hotmail.com



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