Autumn Picks

I was a little late in putting up a September favourite posts, so i decided not to but these are a couple of new things i'm enjoying using right now. I love autumn, yes its colder but theres just something about it that i love, the trees are turning, i can light candles and feel really cosy.
I've spent the past week feeling pretty lousy, i guess its because its suddenly colder and everyone seems to have become sick... i'm getting over it. (sniffle)
My skin in general has suddenly felt alot drier, i don't know if its because i haven't been well or just the climate change, maybe just a combination of them both!

Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream hand treatment - I really love EA's 8 hour range, it smells a little strange but it really does work, this hand cream is great on the go, i've got some 8 hour facial moisturiser i'm dying to try out but i'm saving it for my holiday next month. I think this range is really good for this time of year.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in soft and gentle - I've been using this alot lately its loverly for just finishing off the face with to brighten and highlight.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel - This is an exfoliater mask, left on the skin for 10 minutes the natural fruit enzymes exfoliate and purify tired skin. I see this as more of a mask than an exfoliater, i like exfoliaters that are more like scrubs - I do love this peel and it seems to bring out the inpurities of my skin afterwards. (this is just a tester i've borrowed from the spa at work, but i will probs end up purchasing it in the future)

MAC Browset - I've been quite into grooming my brows lately  it really finishes off my face even with little or no makeup - the brow set i have is in begile neatly keeps any stray hairs together without that horrible waxy feeling (or i've used other brow sets before and they have left a white residue)
Essie nail laquer in recessionista - this is form them limited edition line for autumn, i've been looking for a  nice deep red for a while and it was had to part with my £8 for an Essie polish but honestly i do prefer this paint to so many other polishes and its worth it in the end for staying/chip free power alone.

Balance Me  wonder eye cream - I really do love the naturalness of Balance Me products and this eye cream is loverly for freshing up the eye area (after not so much sleep.... ) leaves eyes feeling revitalized and has quite a nice scent too.

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  1. Soft & Gentle is a lot darker than I always imagined it would be!The MAC browset looks similar to the ELF treat & tame that i'm currently using in that they have the same applicator. I love it! :)

  2. @AllMadeUp I have fairly pale skin and don't find the mac s&g too dark, although a little does go along way.