Relax & De-Stress.. a natural alternative?

Here are two products that both claim to sooth, destress and take the weight of the world away...
Elemis - Quiet Mind Temple Balm and Origins - Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind but do they actually work?

Both products are small handy 15ml travel size bottles and a balm like consistency. The nice thing about these is they both promote being free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and lots of other nasties.

Firstly Elemis Temple Balm has a blend of essential oils that help to promote harmony, tranquility and relaxation. Its very heavily scented of lavender which i do like but can come across a little strong. I feel this is more suited for an evening.  This is applied by putting a small amont onto you fingertips  and apply to temples, earlobes and  back of the neck. It has a refreshing feeling to the body and helps clear the mind, i've found this great to use when beginning to get a head ache or when i've had a head full of cold to clear the sinuses. 

Origins - Peace of Mind on the spot relief. Same again just apply 2 dabs to the back of the neck and earlobes to help relief tension.
When applied to the skin it leaves and strange tingling sensation that leaves a minty refreshing feeling, i really love this and its not as overpowering as the Elemis balm. I'd say this is something i'd keep in my hand bag just to use now and again, and it something i'm already packing for my next travel trip, i imagine for a long flight this would prove useful.

Overall i wouldn't say these where a replacement for any kind of tablets but they can defiantly aid the situation before you feel any worse, if you suffer from stress and need help to relax these are great to apply before sleeping on a night.
Origins peace of mind retails at £12 while Elemis temple balm at £16.

Apologies for the quality of pictures i've used my iphone.

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