Its that time of year at Lush!

The christmas range is out! Soon as i heard i had to go a get a couple of things, i did well and only bought two bubble bars as i've got a few months to slowly buy everything.......

Bubble bars are my favourite they get more use than a bath bomb and create lots of fun bubbles, smells and colours. The two i chose were Christmas Eve and Candy Mountain.

Christmas eve is the blue with yellow crescent  it has jasime scents and is great for an evening relaxing, i can proberly get around 4/5 baths out of this unless you really want to indulge with a huge chunk in your bath, however the only downside of this is it makes the water a strange dirty blue/ green colour, i suppose you can get over that really for the amazing payoff of relaxation.

Next is Candy Mountain  - One of my favourite scents, Its very similar to the comforter bubble bar and the snow fairy shower gel, i'm just a sucker for the sweet smelling lush products and this one doesn't disappoint  I will end up getting through a few of these before they are gone again! combined with the snow fairy shower gel.. ahh this is too good.

Theres a whole range of brand new items on the LUSH website but i couldn't find these in my local shop :(, i will be stocking up next time!

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