Bathroom Tour Snapshot

I thought i'd show you a snapshot of around my bathroom. I use 'snapshot' as i didn't want to take full pictures of the room, i'm pretty sure you don't want to see the shower/toilet etc.
Since moving in my first home i wasn't sold on the bathroom.. it's very small i had pictured having being able to have drawers to keep all my shower/bath goodies but no.
Instead i'm quite happy with the little touches i've added so i thought i'd share.

This is the colour theme of my bathroom, this bath mat is from primark and came with matching towels.

 Around the sink i've got a few soaps from lush - One is porridge and the i'm not sure but smells just like snow fairy.

 On the window ledge i keep some spare soaps in this trinket glass container, all soaps from Lush again. On the other side i have a Neom diffuser, so sad this is getting low this scent is in real luxury.

 I have this 3 tier cupcake stand which i use to keep flannels, extra cleansers, masks and bath foam/oil.

  My section of the bath, i use this suction metal holder to keep things i need at reach.

At the end of the bath i have these 3 pink candles i got from Ikea, very cute.

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