Empties #5

I seem to have once again collected lots of empty product bottles. I'm quite happy i seem to be using products up for once instead of just collecting things. So heres some empties from the last 2 months
I have a few from REN which i got in the normal skincare set on their website - the REN Rosa Cleansing Gel -I would't purchase this again it didn't appear to be 'gel' like it was pretty runny and didn't really foam up bit of a shame the scent was nice. The other REN product is the Frankincense Night Cream - this was a nice rich cream and i really enjoyed using it the scent was quite strong though which might not be to everyones preference.
Next i used up the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - this had a lavenderish smell to it and felt quite
 revitalising on the under eyes, can't say it made a difference but was quite pleasant to use.
The Clarins beauty flash balm has been one of my favourite products i've used up, i've been using it as a primer over the top of my moisturiser  i never tried it as a mask as clarins do suggest however i love the texture and smell of this product it just feels so refreshing! I'm going to repurchase this again, just after i finnish using the Elemis flash balm (which i really don't think compares)
For facemask i've used up the Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It mask. This works as both exfoliater and mask with a fruit acid formula. This is a green clay mask so looks really pretty on.. but its nice to wear the mask in the bath then exfoliate it off, something i'd consider using again.
Last on skincare is the Origins Vitazing moisturiser which i have reviewed here i used this up quite a while ago but forgot to include it, this is something i'd repurchase (Just after i try the new Origins zing moisturiser ) i love the sheer tint it leaves behind make my skin feel awake and glowy.   

Onto make up, i've used up the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation which i have reviewed here. I'm surprised how quickly i used this i guess thats one difference in paying more for high end foundation it seems to last longer. However i would repurchase this again, maybe the shade lighter next time. I also used up the Burts Bees lip gloss is puker berry, it doesn't look used up  but i really can't get anymore out!
Haircare i used up the Bastiste dry shampoo, i also use a dry shampoo now inbetween washes and this one was my favourtie as it was the version for brunettes so didn't leave a white powder behind.
Deodorant i used the Nivea pure invisible, it is what it is and was effective...! 
Bath & shower wise i finally finished the LUSH Snow fairy shower gel - i only got it a christmas time! i love this smell so much and will be stocking up again at christmas. Also the Burts Bees radiance body wash, this is a creamy shower gel with tiny beads in t to help exfoliate - i wouldn't say they were all that effective.

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