Birthday at Bettys

Saturday was my birthday, achieving an old age of 25, i'm not too happy about that part. But i did take a few days off work to enjoy it.
It was nice to spend some time back with my mum and my doggy (who i miss too much now i've moved out).
On my birthday we went into York. this seems to be some sort of tradition since i was pretty little to visit York on my birthday even though we don't live too far away. As i'm a bit of a lover of cake.. we decided to have breakfast at Bettys tearooms. If you haven't heard of them they are a traditional tearoom based in Yorkshire, its a big hit with the tourists, famous for its afternoon tea.
Heres a few pictures, featured in Instagram as i didn't take a camera along.

In York i ended up finding another Michael Kors bag, i wouldn't have even considered buying it but it was on sale and i was encouraged, Oh dear, but its rather loverly. After that i felt pretty spent up! 
The rest of the week i had ago at 'geocaching' if you've never heard of it i really encourage you to give it ago! We had ago at our first cache at a hall near us, sadly we couldn't find it and i felt defeated. The next day we had ago at another one, and success my mum found it hanging from a tree while i was looking in the completely wrong place, defiantly going to give these ago its such a nice way to spend some time outdoors.

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