Something Different: Homemade Turkey Burgers

So heres something different to cupcakes or beauty, Lastnight i made these turkey burgers and they were surprisingly really tasty, and cheap to make, turkey mince doesn't cost much.  These burgers have a slight thai style to them and i sautéed some new potatoes with bacon to go on the side, alternatively they would go with a salad instead.

First i chopped up some spring onion and chilli put into a bowl with an egg yolk.

Next i added the turkey mince - this picture was never destined to look appetising  i don't think mince has that option....  I added some thai spices including ginger, lemon and chilli powder. I combined all these together then made some burger patties. I got around 3 from a small packet of mince.

As for the side dish i slice some new potatoes and part boiled them until soft. I then sautéed them with bacon and pepper.
I must admit as for the burger bun i could have used one more attractive, i think these would look good even in a bagel. Here i toasted some 'warburtons thins' added cheese and sweet chilli. Yummy.

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